Belletristic publications

D3: Belletry

Vos, Piet G. Eben-Emael (1973). Den Haag: Bert Bakker.

Vos, Piet G. (2012) many short stories dedicated to the living village of Horssen published since the eighties in the Village Outlet 'De Klep' up to now from the late 70-ties onward.

Vos, Piet G. e.a. (2010). Negenennegentig nieuwe Stijloefeningen op het thema van R. Queneau's oorspronkelijke 'Exercices de Style' (1947). Blogsite http:

Vos, Piet G. (2011). De Worst (The Saucage). Short story, to be submitted..

Vos, Piet G. (2012). Negenennegentig Lotgevallen van een Debutant (Ninety-nine Adventures of a Debutant). Manuscript in preparational state.

Vos, Piet G. (2013). Queneskas (with contributions by Jos den Bekker and Eric Helsper). First print of 99 copies printed in one's own by NEZZO Press, Druten.

Vos, Piet G. (in preparation). An elogy of Homeric comparisons in Homerus, Vergilius, Dante, and Gogol.