Curriculum Vitae

Biographical notes

Born in Maastricht, 1938, gymnasium in Sittard, and study of psychology (specialization at that time: Neurophysiology and Psychopathology) at the University of Nijmegen (Master thesis: "Implications of Bolk's retardation theory for onto- and phylogenetic development in humans"). PhD dissertation: "Perception of Metrical Tone Sequences" (in dutch), 1973 (promotor Prof. dr. W. Levelt). Former associate professor and emeritus-fellow of the NICI (Nijmegen Institute for Cognition and Information, University of Nijmegen). Fellow of the International Dendrological Society (IDS), the NDV (Dutch Dendrological Society), the Belgian Dendrological Society (, and, since 2013, member of the NAP (Nederlandse Academie voor 'Patafysica). Since 2004, founder and spokesman of the dendrological group KNA (Kleine Nederlandse Arboreta / Small Dutch Arboreta) see Living place: the village of Horssen, Province of Gelderland, old farmhouse with an arboretum shaped garden of appr. 0.5 acre, Arboretum "Het Gogh" in which is also included a large collection of uncommon perennials. Adjacent to the arboretum is an old-fashioned small factory for the production of treacle of (untreatened) apples and pears, the product offered under the name of "Maas & Waalse Geneugte" ("Delice of the country between Maas and Waal"). With Eric Helsper founder of the blogsite dedicated to the enterprise to add 99 more stylistic variations to the theme of the well known Exercices de style by Raymond Queneau (1947), most of them in dutch. (The site is linked to the one of Oulipo). Various other belletristic activities beyond gardening and piano playing (almost exclusively music by J.S. Bach, pieces from the Well-tempered Clavir, investigated also analytically in computational and experimental research of perceived tonality in music (see below). Since the beginnings of of 2000 predominantly concerned with biological, more specifically fundamental dendrological issues.


Companion of the Order of Oranje Nassau, 2006

Doorenbos Exchange-Medal in silver 2001-2006 on behalf of the Dutch Dendrological Society, followed, after handing over to my proposed next candidate elect Wouter Kromhout, by the bronze Doorenbos medal.

Both medals for outstanding dendrological contributions.

Medal for NICI emeriti, 2003

Pewter of the village of Horssen for being the biggest poacher of the year, 1975;

Distinction on behalf of the municipality of Druten for years long efforts to clean the village of Horssen, with a small group of like-minded co-villagers, 2005;

Companion of the Order of Orange-Nassau, 2006 because of multifaceted cultural and scientific non-profit contributions, featuring the foundation of Arboretum "Het Gogh";

In the past, several guest-professorships at, among others, Tartu University, Tartu, Estonia; Kolomitini University, Kolomitini, Greece; guest research stays at, among others, the Institute of Physiology and the Institute of Musicology, both institutes belonging to the former Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague; Psychologisches Institut of the former Karl Marx University, Leipzig; CNRS Marseille; Institute of Physiology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia; major (co-)organizer of various scienticic symposia and conferences, among them a conference on Psychological Aspects of Arithmetics (Nijmegen, 1983); Int. Workshops on Rhythm Perception and Production in respectively Cambridge,... Horssen (1988); Conference, co-organized by Prof. Marc Leman, on Tonality Induction in Millingen, NL, and Ghent, B. , 1999.