Collection Arboretum het Gogh per august 2016

The goal of the present list is to specify in alphabetical order, per family and, wherever wishful, per genus the collection of woody plants to be found here in the arboretum of appr. 0.5 hectare. The overview is by and large restricted to specimens of the most notable families, as well as to some quite rare genera, represented but by only one or a few more species. For example, under the Rosaceae family genera like Oemleria and Maddenia are specified but not the more common and well-known genera and species

(Almost) all individuals are provided with an aluminium strip label, whenever possible fixed at a branch or so at eye level, telling at one side the official (scientific) name of the species, combined with its family name, and at the other side of the label its acquisition origin (nursery or otherwise) and the year of acquisition.

For now, only a rough location specification is used:
To begin with, the arboretum is trisected in the length to be reckoned from the Lindeboom straat direction Molenweg into L(eft), M(iddle), and R(ight section, M. roughly bound over the width of the house.
Then, again to be reckoned from the Lindeboomstraat etc L, M, and R. are also trisected into 1 (first p.m.40 meters till the two-stemmed Ginkgo in R2, 2 (to be reckoned from there till the Sequoiadendron halfway the cascade), hence the remainder from there being denoted as 3. Examples: the places of Sinowilsonia henryi and of Maddenia hypoleuca are specified as L1; Magnolia cordata and Sinojackia xylocarpa as M2; Magnolia wilsonii and Oryxa japonica as R3.
Once again: a more accurate specification system may follow later onward

Of course, any name correction or otherwise correcting advisement is highly welcomed. In this context: (?) behind a name means that the name is dubious and, hence, deserves more careful examination.

Mind that the collection in question is more or less restricted to botanical species, hence with only few cultivars cultivars.

Araliaceae (disregarding ‘common ivy’ and its vars)

Aralia californica M1

A. cordata M1

A. elata L2

A. racemosa L2

Eleutherococcus henryi R1

E. senticosis R2

Fatsia japonica M1

F. japonica ‘variegata’ M1

Hedera colchica L1

K. septemlobus M3

K. septemlobus f. maximowiczii L2

Oplopanax horridus L1

Panax quinquefolius L1

Tetrapanax papyrifer L1

Sapindaceae: the genus Acer

Acer buergerianum v. ningpoense ’95 M3

A. carpinifolium L3

A. davidii (?) M2

A. erianthum M3

A. griseum L2

A. henryi L2

A. japonicum ‘Dissectum’ M1

A. micranthum L2

A. nipponicum L3

A. oliverianum (sive schneiderianum?) R1

A. pseudosieboldianum R2

A. tegmentosum R3

A. triflorum R2

A. ukurunduense M3


Calycanthus chinensis M1

C. floridus L1

C. occidentalis L2

C x raulstonii M2

Chimonanthus nitens L1

Ch. praecox L1

Ch. zhejiangensis L1


Magnolia acuminata v. subcordata L1

M. cylindrica M1

M. grandiflora R3

M. kobus L1

M. liliiflora ‘Erene’ M3

M. macrophylla ssp. ashei

M. salicifolia L3

M. sieboldiii M1

M. soulagniana R3

M. tripetala L3

M. wilsonii R3


Citrus trifoliata M3

Orixa japonica mnl R3

O. japonica vrl R3

Phellodendron amurense M3

Ptelea trifoliata Rm

P. baldwinii R3


Grewia biloba L2

Tilia americana L3

T. chinensis L3

T. chemnoui R3

T. cordata L1

T. x europea L1

T. henryi M2

T. insularis L1

T. platyphyllos ‘Rubra’ L1

Rosaceae (restricted to rare and mostly monogeneric-monospecific species)

Jamesia americana (sex unknown yet) L1

Maddenia hypoleuca (male only) L1

M. wilsonii (sex unknown yet) L1

Nevusia alabamensis (sex unknown yet) L3

Oemleria cerasiformis (both houses) L2, M2, R2


Halesia carolina

H. diptera L2

H. monticola boomgaar L2

Pterostyrax corymbosa

Pt. hispida

Sinojackia rehderiana

S. rehderiana

Styrax americanus

S. chinensis

S. confusus

S. japonicus

S faberi

St hemslyanus

S. hookeri

S. hookeri v. yunnanensis (?)

St japonicus

St psillophyllus

St. obassia

St. officinalis

St. wuyuanensis